"The Real Cool Job"
Season 3, Episode 1
Number (#38) in series (133 episodes)
Tape date July 24, 1975
Air date: September 9, 1975
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Written by: John Baskin, Roger Shulman (teleplay)
Hubert Geiger (teleplay & story)
Directed by: Herbert Kenwith
Production code: 301
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Cast Information
Starring: Esther Rolle
John Amos
Jimmie Walker
Ja'net Dubois
Bern Nadette Stanis
Ralph Carter
Guest starring: Dave Turner
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"The Lunch Money Ripoff"
(Season 2 finale)
"The Family Gun"
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The Real Cool Job is the seaoson premiere episode of Season 3 of Good Times as well as the thirty-eighth series episode overall. The episode was written by John Baskin, Roger Shulman and Hubert Geiger from an original story by Geiger, and directed by Herbert Kenwith. It originally aired on CBS-TV on September 16, 1975.

Synopsis Edit

James gets the break he has been waiting for: a good paying job. After completing trade school, he finds out that the job is in Alaska.

Plot summaryEdit

Season three of Good Times opens on an optimistic note, as the perennially unemployed James Evans (John Amos) is offered an excellent job with high pay and good benefits. The family is as thrilled as James that good fortune is at last smiling upon him. Unfortunately, the new job would take the Evans paterfamilias far away from the family's Chicago home -- all the way to Alaska, in fact.

Guest starringEdit