"The Encyclopedia Hustle"
Season 2, Episode 8
Number (#21) in series (133 episodes)
Tape date August 29, 1974
Air date: October 29, 1974
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Written by: Bob Shayne & Eric Cohen
Directed by: Herbert Kenwith
Production code: 208
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Cast Information
Starring: Esther Rolle
John Amos
Jimmie Walker
Ja'net Dubois
Bern Nadette Stanis
Ralph Carter
Guest starring: Ron Glass
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The Encyclopedia Hustle is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Good Times, also the twenty-first series episode overall. Written by Bob Shayne and Eric Cohen, the episode, which was directed by Herbert Kenwith, premiered on CBS-TV, airing on October 29, 1974.

Synopsis Edit

When a blind man comes to the Evans household selling encyclopedias, James takes pity on the man and signs a contract agreeing to buy them. But after he leaves, James reads the fine print and realizes he's made a mistake.

  • Note: Ron Glass gusst stars as the encyclopedia salesman.

Storyline Edit

An encyclopedia salesman is the last person James wants to see when he comes home from work. However, he softens when he learns the man is blind. This leads James to sign a contract and he reads the fine print only after the man leaves.

Guest starrngEdit