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Good Times: Season 4 episodesEdit

This page lists all of the episodes that aired in the fourth season of the CBS-TV series Good Times. The season opening episode, titled "The Big Move: Part 1 a.k.a. The Unhappy Move", which was part of a two-episode story arc, that centered around the impending move of the Evans's to Mississippi that was derailed by the death of James, aired on September 22, 1976. The death of James was brought about by the producers when John Amos, dissatisfied with the creative direction the series was going in, and the development of the characters, particularly cast mate Jimmie Walker's character, J.J. Evans, decided to leave the top rated series, as Johnny Brown, who played Nathan Bookman, the building super, became a cast regular in his role.

The season finale episode, "Love Has a Spot on His Lung: Part 2", part of two-part story, and featured Moses Gunn in the recurring role of Florida's new love interest, shop owner Carl Dixon, aired on March 30, 1977, as Esther Rolle, who played Florida Evans, would follow suit and depart the series as Amos did at the end of the previous season, after this episode. She would elect to return for the series final season.

Season 4 (1976-1977)Edit

Season 4 episodes
Image # in Series Prod. Code # in Season Title Written by Directed by Original Air Date Tape Date
JJ Image Needed 62 401 (401a) 1 (1a) "The Big Move (Part 1)"
a.k.a. "The Unhappy Move"
Austin Kalish & Irma Kalish Gerren Keith September 22, 1976 July 15, 1976
The Evanses are moving to Mississippi to be with James, who has a great new job. Their joy quickly turns to sorrow when they receive a telegram during their going-away party informing them of James' death.
JJ Image Needed 63 402 (401b) 2 (1b) "The Big Move (Part 2)"
a.k.a. "The Unhappy Move"
Bill Davenport & Lou Dermah Gerren Keith September 29, 1976 July 22, 1976
Florida hasn't cried once since the news of James' death. J.J., Thelma and Michael are troubled and plan to confront her when they see her enjoying herself after his funeral.
JJ Image Needed 64 403 3 "J.J. and the Older Woman" Sid Dorfman (teleplay} & Bruce Howard (teleplay & story) Gerren Keith October 6, 1976 July 29, 1976
J.J. develops a romantic relationship with Thelma's teacher, who's impressed by his artistic abilities. Though their age difference doesn't matter to them, it bothers Florida who can't figure out if J.J. is really in love.
JJ Image Needed 65 404 4 "Michael the Warlord" Bob Peete Gerren Keith October 13, 1976 August 5, 1976
Warlord gang activity is wrecking havoc in the neighborhood. Florida and other concerned citizens try to figure out what to do while Michael is hiding a secret from his family: he's joined the Warlords.
JJ Image Needed 66 405 5 "Michael's Great Romance" Michael S. Baser & Kim Weiskopf Gerren Keith October 20, 1976 September 9, 1976
Michael can't get the courage to tell Yvonne he loves her, but loses his opportunity after Yvonne meets J.J. and becomes instantly smitten.
JJ Image Needed 67 406 6 "Evans Versus Davis" Sid Dorfman (story) & Coslough Johnson (story / teleplay) Gerren Keith October 27, 1976 October 14, 1976
Alderman Fred C. Davis (Albert Reed, Jr. ) serves an eviction notice to the Evanses when J.J. refuses to help him with his re-election campaign.
JJ Image Needed 68 407 (407a) 7 (7a) "J.J.'s New Career: Part 1" John Baskin & Roger Shulman Gerren Keith November 10, 1976 August 19, 1976
Unbeknownst to Florida, J.J. works with a few of his crooked friends to help support his family after Bookman threatens to throw them out because the rent is late. Thelma also considers dropping out of college to help the family.
JJ Image Needed 69 408 (407b) 8 (7b) "J.J.'s New Career: Part 2" John Baskin & Roger Shulman Gerren Keith November 17, 1976 August 26, 1976
J.J.'s new work is bringing in a lot of money but he doesn't know everything about his new bosses. And when Florida discovers how he's making his money, she throws him out.
JJ Image Needed 70 409 9 "Grandpa's Visit"
a.k.a. "Thanksgiving in Paradise"?
John Baskin & Roger Shulman (teleplay)
Booker Bradshaw & Kurt Taylor (story)
Gerren Keith November 24, 1976 November 4, 1976
During Thanksgiving, Florida is appalled when Grandpa Evans (Richard Ward, in his first appearance) reveals the nature of his relationship with his girlfriend.
JJ Image Needed 71 410 10 "Rich is Better Than Poor...Maybe?" Allan Mannings & Norman Paul Gerren Keith December 8, 1976 September 2, 1976
J.J. wins the lottery, but when word spreads throughout the neighborhood, Thelma's gangster friends show up at their apartment demanding the money.
JJ Image Needed 72 411 11 "Florida's Night Out" Norman Belkin & Harriet Belkin Gerren Keith December 15, 1976 September 23, 1976
Florida surprises the kids when instead of spending another night at home alone, she goes out for a wild night on the town with Willona.
JJ Image Needed 73 412 12 "The Judy Cohen Story" John Donley & Nance McCormick Gerren Keith December 22, 1976 October 14, 1976
While managing Michael's singing group, J.J. comes across a singer he knows is destined for stardom, with the right management.
JJ Image Needed 74 413 13 "The Comedian and the Loan Sharks" Hugh Wedlock Jr. & Jack Matcha Gerren Keith January 5, 1977 November 18, 1976
J.J. decides to borrow money from a loan shark to manage a new comedian but when it comes time to pay up, he doesn't know how he's going to get the money.
JJ Image Needed 75 414 14 "The Hustle" Levi Taylor Gerren Keith January 12, 1977 December 23, 1976
Florida needs a vacation, badly, and the kids decide to sell underwear to get the money to send her to Lake Geneva.
JJ Image Needed 76 415 (415a) 15 (15a) "Thelma's African Romance: Part 1" John Ashley Hamilton (story idea)
Bob Peete (writer)
Gerren Keith January 19, 1977 December 9, 1976
Thelma gets suspended after arranging a school boycott. She also becomes the object of desire for Ibe, an exchange student who proposes that they live together.
JJ Image Needed 77 416 (415b) 16 (15b) "Thelma's African Romance: Part 2" John Ashley Hamilton (story idea)
Bob Peete (writer)
Gerren Keith January 19, 1977 December 16, 1976
Florida goes ballistic when Thelma tells her she's moving in with her boyfriend. Thelma rethinks her relationship with Ibe when he wants her to be his wife and move back to Nigeria with him.
JJ Image Needed 78 417 17 "Willona's Surprise"
a.k.a. "Dinner with My Ex"
Austin Kalish & Irma Kalish Gerren Keith January 26, 1977 December 2, 1976
For Willona's birthday, her philandering ex-husband returns to beg for forgiveness. She's convinced that he's a changed man, but he resumes his womanizing ways by hitting on Thelma.
JJ Image Needed 79 418 18 "A Friend in Need" John Baskin & Roger Shulman Gerren Keith February 2, 1977 January 13, 1977
While Florida's away, the kids throw a rowdy party that gets out of hand when one of the guests takes an overdose and J.J. plays hero.
JJ Image Needed 80 419 19 "A Stormy Relationship" Bruce Kalish & Ron Sellz Gerren Keith February 9, 1977 January 20, 1977
Michael reveals he's an atheist. When Florida learns that his boss, Carl, instilled this idea, she confronts him.

Note: Moses Gunn makes his first appearance as Carl Dixon.

JJ Image Needed 81 420 20 "Florida and Carl" John Baskin & Roger Shulman Gerren Keith February 23, 1977 January 27, 1977
Florida accepts Carl's invitation for dinner, but a disagreement cuts the date short.
JJ Image Needed 82 421 21 "My Son, the Father" Sid Dorfman Gerren Keith March 2, 1977 February 10, 1977
J.J. plans on taking Michael to a father-son dinner. But when he learns that Carl is taking him, his feelings are crushed.
JJ Image Needed 83 422 22 "J.J. in Business" Bob Peete Roger Shulman March 9, 1977 February 17, 1977
J.J. goes into the greeting card business but his accountant informs him that he doesn't have enough money to fulfill a large order. This prompts J.J. to try and get a loan.
JJ Image Needed 84 423 (423a) 23 (23a) "Love Has a Spot on His Lung: Part 1" Austin Kalish, Irma Kalish & Allan Mannings Gerren Keith March 23, 1977 February 24, 1977
Carl tells the kids that he's going to propose to Florida. But after being diagnosed with lung cancer, he abruptly severs the relationship.
JJ Image Needed 85 424 (423b) 24 (23b) "Love Has a Spot on His Lung: Part 2" John Baskin & Roger Shulman Gerren Keith March 30, 1977 March 3, 1977
Though J.J. is angry with Carl for breaking his mother's heart, he won't reveal the true reason for breaking up with Florida. But a change in heart prompts him to disclose the truth and his marriage proposal is happily accepted.

Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Moses Gunn as Carl.

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