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Penny Gordon Woods is one of the main characters that appears on the CBS-TV series Good Times in Seasons 5 and 6. The part of Penny is played by actress/singer/recording artist and entertainer Janet Jackson.

About Penny[]

Millicent "Penny" Gordon Woods

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Millicent "Penny" Gordon Woods
Other Names:
Penny, Millicent Gordon
Willona Woods (Adoptive mother)
Linella Gordon (Biological mother)
Unnamed Father Best Friend Elijah Ray Sanders
Portrayed By:
August 16, 1966

Millicent "Penny" Gordon Woods was born on August 16, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois. Penny's mother, Linella Gordon (played by Chip Fields) was 16 when she was pregnant, and Penny's father abandoned her before she was born.

Linella was abusive to her, and she would often have many bandages to cover her wounds, as well as many bruises and welts. As a result, Penny often "ran away from home" to find someone who wouldn't hurt her.

One day, Penny tried to get on the bus with no money, J.J. saw this and convinced everyone to donate, including the bus driver. She follows J.J. home and doesn't want to leave. She even falls in love with J.J. and even tells him she wants to marry him someday.

After the Evans' learn that her mother abuses her, they tried to help by talking to her mother, who said that she herself was abused, and she refused therapy. After nearly abusing Penny again in front of everyone, she decides to abandon Penny, saying that she deserves better than her.

Willona decided to adopt Penny, which was difficult, but eventually successful, and Penny lived a better life. Her mother later married into wealth. and she decided she wanted Penny back. She even tried to set Willona up as an unfit adoptive mother. When Penny upsets her, she tries to hit her again, but Willona stops her by grabbing her and slamming her against the wall. Penny said it didn't matter what anyone said, and she chooses Willona as her mother. Devastated, Linella respects Penny's decision and leaves Willona's apartment and is never seen again.

In the final episode of the series, Thelma and her husband, Keith Anderson learn that they're expecting a baby, and Penny is excited about becoming a babysitter.