"My Girl Henrietta"
Season 2, Episode 20
Number (#32) in series (133 episodes)
Good Times episode - My Girl Henrietta
A pregnant Henrietta, J.J.'s new girlfriend, shows up at the Evans' apartment to meet a shocked James and Florida in "My Girl Henrieeta".
Tape date February 13, 1975
Air date: February 25, 1975
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Written by: Bob Peete
Directed by: Herbert Kenwith
Production code: 221
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Cast Information
Starring: Esther Rolle
John Amos
Jimmie Walker
Ja'net Dubois
Bern Nadette Stanis
Ralph Carter
Guest starring: Tina Andrews<
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My Girl Henrietta is the twenty-first episode of Season 2 of Good Times and the thirty-forth episode overall. Written by Bob Peete, and directed by Herbert Kenwith, the episode originally aired on CBS-TV on February 25, 1975.

Synopsis Edit

J.J. is determined to quit school and work full-time in order to marry his girlfriend, Henrietta. James and Florida don't understand until a very pregnant Henrietta visits the Evanses.

Storyline Edit

Florida thinks it is strange that she has never met the often talked about Henrietta, J.J.'s girlfriend. So when she calls the Evans home, Florida invites her over for dinner. Meanwhile, J.J. announces that he has been thinking of asking Henrietta to marry him. This sends shock waves through the Evans household, but things really get touchy when Henrietta shows up at the door, pregnant.

Plot summary Edit

When J.J. (Jimmie Walker) gets a full-time job and starts talking about marriage, the Evanses naturally conclude that he has at last met the girl of his dreams. Eagerly, the family prepares to meet J.J.'s new love, Henrietta (Tina Andrews). Imagine their surprise (if that is a strong enough word) when Henrietta shows up at the apartment -- several months pregnant.

Guest starring Edit