"Michael the Warlord"
Season 4, Episode 4
Number (#65) in series (133 episodes)
Tape date August 5, 1976
Air date: October 13, 1976
Network/Country: CBS-TV / United States
Written by: Bob Peete
Directed by: Gerren Keith
Production code: 404
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Cast Information
Starring: Esther Rolle
Jimmie Walker
Ja'net Dubois
Bern Nadette Stanis
Ralph Carter
Johnny Brown
Guest starring: Earl Billings
Vivian Bonnell
Reginald T. Dorsey
Dion Gossett
Dion Gossett
Paul Jackson
Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr.
Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr.
Royce Wallace
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Michael the Warlord is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Good Times, and the sixty-fifth series episode overall. Written by Bob Peete, the episode, which was directed by Gerren Keith, premiered on CBS-TV, airing for the first time on October 13, 1976.


Warlord gang activity is wrecking havoc in the neighborhood. Florida and other concerned citizens try to figure out what to do while Michael is hiding a secret from his family: he joined the Warlords.


History repeats itself as one of the Evans boys is coerced into joining a gang, only this time it is Michael as he is forced into joining the Junior Warlords. After witnessing an assault where his best friend Tommy is beaten and suffers a fractured skull in the process, he runs home and hides his gang jacket in the oven. Unfortunately, Florida and the rest of the family find out that he is a member during an anti-gang meeting when his jacket nearly catches fire. Michael then vows to quit the gang even though he might suffer an even worse beating than Tommy.


The Evanses' neighborhood is being terrorized by the Warlords, a rampaging street gang. Florida Evans (Esther Rolle) joins a citizens' group to form a united front against the gang -- little suspecting that her own son Michael (Ralph Carter) has become a Warlord himself. Desperately hiding his association with the gang, Michael tries to quit the Warlords cold -- which is just the way he may end up, if the street punks have anything to say about it.

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