"Michael's Great Romance"
Season 4, Episode 5
Number (#66) in series (133 episodes)
Tape date September 9, 1976
Air date: October 20, 1976
Network/Country: CBS-TV / United States
Written by: Michael S. Baser & Kim Weiskopf
Directed by: Gerren Keith
Production code: 405
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Cast Information
Starring: Esther Rolle
Jimmie Walker
Ja'net Dubois
Bern Nadette Stanis
Ralph Carter
Johnny Brown
Guest starring: Ta-Ronce Allen
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Michael's Great Romance is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Good Times and the sixty-six series episode overall. Written by Michael S. Baser and Kim Weiskopf, the episode, which was directed by Gerren Keith, premiered on CBS-TV, first airing on October 20, 1976.


Michael can't get the courage to tell Yvonne he loves her, but loses his opportunity after Yvonne meets J.J. and becomes instantly smitten.


Michael becomes tongue-tied when he falls for Yvonne, a girl at school. However, Yvonne falls for JJ. Michael and JJ compete for the girl.

Plot summaryEdit

The usually loquacious Michael Evans (Ralph Carter) becomes hopelessly tongue-tied whenever he's in the vicinity of the beautiful and wealthy Yvonne (Ta-Ronce Allen). Alas, by the time Michael works up the courage to tell Yvonne how much he cares for her, the girl has evinced a preference for Michael's older brother J.J. (Jimmie Walker). The result of all this romantic intrigue is a bitter sibling rivalry, culminating in a near-fistfight.

Guest starringEdit

^Ta-Ronce Allen as Yvonne