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"Sweet Daddy" Williams
J.J. and Sweet Daddy Williams.png
Sweet Daddy threating J.J., who borrowed $1,000, with interest, for Thelma's wedding in "The Homecoming: The Wedding" in Season 6.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Local area loan shark and illegal numbers racket runner
Domestic partner(s): Savannah Jones in Season 3
Savannah Morgan in Season 6
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: 7 in Seasons 3-9
Character played by: Theodore Wilson

Marion "Sweet Daddy" Williams a local area numbers runner and loan shark, appears as a recurring character on Good Times, appearing in a total of seven episodes, beginning with the so-titled episode "Sweet Daddy Williams" in Season 3. The part of Sweet Daddy is played in all the episodes by Theodore Wilson.

About Sweet Daddy[]

A quite menacing neighborhood numbers runner and pimp, Sweet Daddy, whose real name is Marion, which he HATES being called (check the hospital scene with J.J. in "Blood Will Tell" in Season 6), has a reputation for wearing flashy clothing and jewelry. He is usually accompanied by bodyguards (one name Claude, played by Bubba Smith, the other by series painter Ernie Barnes) and comes across as cool and threatening, but has shown a soft heart (or at least, not as hardened) on occasion, particularly in the episode "Florida's Homecoming: Part 4" when J.J., who had borrowed $1,000 from him to finance Thelma's wedding. When her new husband, Keith Anderson, a collegiate football star who was to sign a rookie contract with the Chicago Bears, tripped over J.J., who was handling a camera in the aisle of the church, his injury temporarily curtailed his pro football career, thus putting the temporarily out of work, J.J. in a bind, as he planned to pay back his debt to Sweet Daddy through Keith. After dropping by the Evans' apartment to collect on the debt, he decided not to take an antique locket that Florida had given to Thelma because it had reminded him of his late mother, as payment.

Not that Sweet Daddy was going soft, not by any means, as in the episode "Blood Will Tell", one of Sweet Daddy's henchmen, Leroy "Bad News" Jones (David Damas) conspired to steal all of U+ blood, a very rare blood type which happens to be his type, when he had to go into it for a needed blood transfusion, from the local blood bank. Because of this Sweet Daddy wound up asking (more like strongarming) him into donating his blood, which is the same type as his, for the transfusion, offering him $1,000. When Sweet Daddy learns of Bad News's conspiracy to take over his rackets, he had his goons fly him to the Bahamas -- one way, if you know what that means in gangster talk!