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Larry Baker
Derek Wells as Larry Baker.jpg
Larry Baker in the episode "Florida's Favorite Passenger" in Season 6.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
None/grade school student
child who ride on Florida's school bus whom she, in taking an interest in him, suspects that he has a hearing problem, to his mother's flat denial
Related to: 5 siblings
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1" and "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2" (Season 6)
Character played by: Derek Wells

Larry Baker, a grade school student, who rides along with Penny, on the school bus which Florida drives, appears in the Season 6 episode of Good Times titled "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1" and "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2". The part of Larry is played by Derek Wells.

About Larry[]

When Florida, who drives a school bus which takes Penny back and forth from school, begins to take an interest in Larry, one of her schoolmates who also rides on the bus. She brings him home with her to visit the family after he had gotten in a fight with another boy named Rayfield Davis, who began picking on him as Florida describes in talking to Larry "the way he (Rayfield) was beating up his fist with your face!"

Larry is basically a good kid, and he likes to play all types of games, such as, frogs, chess, and "Smut", where the loser winds up with flour on their faces, as he demonstrated to Thelma and Keith as a joke! He also likes playing checkers, which he beat Michael handily at! Most people thinks that Larry's lack of responsiveness, which he shows at times when he's called, is due to him being slow, but Florida suspects that the boy is suffering from a hearing loss, which was substantiated when she dropped a dish on the floor accidentally while preparing dinner in the kitchen -- which everybody, Keith, Thelma and Michael heard, execpt for him!

When Florida invites his mother, Mrs. Baker, over for coffee, and to talk about Larry's hearing, she fiercely denies there being a problem, until, he almost falls down the shaft of the elevator, which Bookman had temporarily out of service, as they try to call for him; Fortunately, Keith was able to rescue him before he would have backed up and fell down the shaft!

In the end, it turns out that all Larry suffered from Stapedial Otosclerosis, a hearing impairment condition which could have gotten progressively worse, but was treated by a doctor, Dr. Casey (Paul Savior), who suggested Larry going through a quick easy corrective surgical precudere which he eventually replaced a corrupted bone in his ear with an artificial, (cochlear) implant.

When Larry begins to get the impression that his mom didn't love him because she didn't tell him, and then wondered why she didn't take him to the ear doctor when Florida did, Florida explained to him that it was not because his mother "didn't care" that she didn't detect his hearing problem, but that the problem was so gradual, that she simply missed it, and that her love was displayed on the look on her face the day before when he almost fell down the elevator shaft before Keith rescued him. The two, he and his mother, who came by to pick him up, make up and lovingly embrace!