Ibe Wubila
Johnny Sekka as Ebi
Johnny Sekka as Ibe Wubila.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Character information
Episodes appeared in: "Thelma's African Romance: Part 1"
"Thelma's African Romance: Part 2" (Season 4)
Character played by: Johnny Sekka

Ibe Wubila was Thelma's African romance. He appeared in "Thelma's African Romance: Part 1" and Part 2. He was played by Johnny Sekka.

About IbeEdit

In his first appearance in Part 1 of "Thelma's African Romance", Ibe, who's an African exchange student at the college where Thelma attends, starts making sexist remarks about "woman's work". The two finally agree to have a picket, but on the day of the picket, the assistant dean ends up suspending Thelma, and then Ibe, when he tries to defend Thelma before the dean.

Soon thereafter, Thelma and Ibe begin seeing each other, resulting in Ibe asking her to move in with him. 

In Part 2, Ibe, who's thoroughly smitten with Thelma, winds up proposing marriage and having her move with him to Nigeria, his home country, as his father, after learning of Ibe's suspension from school, demands that he return home; Thelma is overjoyed at the proposal and contemplates marrying him, until she learns that she would be only one of several wives to Ibe, as ipolygamy is accepted and common practice in his home country.